User Flow

I have created here two flow charts one for app with need to signup and one for android cabinate which is install in hospital and this will login throught your biometric.

Medcare app process

Doctor booking app is an integrated platform helping patients to get reliable, convenient and timely access to health care from anywhere in the world by connecting experienced doctors.

Signup Process

The users have the option to directly register with their personal details using the fantastic and easy UX.

Android Panel Design

User visit in any hospital and this Android pannel fitted in Hospitals and the user make appointment On the spot through this amazing AI based Appointment app.

Doctor Dashboard

Doctor’s Connected to the pannel and the app, check which patient registered and when they booked the appointment and they will easily manage and make prescription.

Medical Store Dashboard

This dashboard for all medical store which they connected to the direct doctor’s and they have recived once doctor make any prescription.


I’ve created 4 platform for this project IOS app, Android pannel, Doctor dashboard and Medical store dashbaord.