User Flow

Landing page there is a main feature which is represent so many features on that page, as well as several other important functions.


Create icons for all personas to select as per the interest, then user seen the post related to selection personas.

Login & Signup

Easy step to sign up with selection of the intrest as per the user intrest and connect with the pople with the same intrest so user can see the post related to the intrest.

Stories Board

User get reward at the firts time of the signup and they have a Storiesboard to check post same related to there Interest.


Leaderborad here user Check and updated Gift recieved, Gift sent, Most liked and Most viewed post.

Upload Posts

Check how to upload Photo, Video, Audio and text post as per your intrest and flow.

Message & CHats

Here user easily chat with our friends, send many gift and extra ordany features there with lots of amazing settings.

Profile & Settings

Here user edit profile with some of the best settings options and all seperate pages to check every post which user upload on the app.

Orders & Leaderborad

Here user check the cart and wishlist which they have orderd or saved for the future

Stats & Events

Here user check Evolution of the profile, social stats, Most valued fans, fans gender, fans age, fans around the world.User send to gift and Schedule a events and meny more.


Here user easily connect with the owner of the post and send to the request for engagement of the similar post.

Many More Screen

Here more than 30 screens where i have design wallet, points collections, income conversion following and many more screens.


I’ve created more than 130 screens for Choco Apps with every single steps in this app and the result and prototyping is fabulous.