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A n k i t B h a t n a g a r

Creative UI/UX Designer.
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About Me

H e l l o !

I’m a young and talented man with 11 years of rich and worthy experience in building designs for various fortunate companies.

My expertise includes Mobile App UI/UX design, Web UI /UX design, Dashboard designs, wireframing, prototyping and visualizing. Each project that I designed is based on the latest design principles, design techniques and latest software like Sketch, Figma and Adobe XD.

My passion to learn more, come up with innovative ideas, understand the market closely and deliver swiftly has given me an exceptional edge over the others. As an individual, I am a fun loving person, a hard-working teammate, and an efficient manager.

I am a purely self-motivated person who does not like to compromise when it comes to design, communication and time management.

Tools - Stack

The tools and technologies that I use to design the projects, some of which can be checked out here.


Various agencies I have a chance to collobrate with:


Could you be Lead UI/UX Designer


Tuple Technology Lead UI/UX Designer


Editsoft Solutions Creative Director


Rubix Labs Digital Art Director UI/UX


Hungama Assistant Manager Ui Designer


EventForte, Inc Sr. Digital Design Lead UI/UX

My Process

UX Design refers to User Experience Design, while UI Design stands for User Interface Design. Both are crucial to a product and needs to work intimately.

I start every project with a design thinking approach which consists of five basic phases:

  • 1.Empathize with the users (learning about the audience)
  • 2.Define the problem (identifying the users’ needs)
  • 3.Ideate (generating ideas for design)
  • 4.Prototype (turning ideas into concrete examples)
  • 5.Test (evaluating the design with AB Testing)

The first two phases (empathizing and defining the problem) are often grouped into the term “User Research”– i.e., understanding both the nature of the users and how this affects their needs. This allows me to better understand the concept and carry out my idea and design accordingly. Based on the discussion, I look for some inspirations and experiment to see if something new can be achieved. Once the ideation and wireframes is completed, I start Prototype for the product and I communicate it with the team and upon mutually agreeing, I go ahead with AB testing for the project and make the final design of the Project.

Now What?

By now you might have got some idea about me, so if you are a creative digital agency or anybody looking for someone to translate your crazy ideas into unique user experiences and user interface, drop me a line and we can take it further from there...;)

Let's collaborate!